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The Battery Analyzer application version V3 displays discharge and recharge curves. Reports are stored on disk and printed. See below, a PDF report example.
All parameters can be set in a ‘profile’ for each battery type. A simple profile selection by typing or reading the barcode serial number is done to start the correct measurement.
The application shows a continuous readout of the voltages, current and measured capacity.
The Battery Analyzer application operates in demo mode without any Battery Condition Tester devices.

About Downloading new software:

Dear user, if your hardware, software and PC combination works well then do not download any other version and let your system work as it is. As the saying goes: if its not broken don't fix it. If a new download is necessary we will inform you.


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Instructions for changing from V3.15 to V3.14

The Documentation

The user manual provides information on the installation and operation of the BA600/610/750/760/900/910

Download Battery Analyzer User manual

Download Battery Analyzer Handleiding

All the technical specifications are available in the datasheet

Download the BA610/760/910 Datasheet

PDF Report Example

An example of a test report that you would give to a customer after testing his battery.


Download the PDF report example

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