Battery Analyzeer Software for e-bike testing

The software

The Battery analyzer program V3 displays discharge and recharge curves. Reports are stored on disk and printed. These reports are useful to show to a customer. See below for a PDF report example.

All parameters can be set in a ‘profile’ per battery type. Then, simple profile selection by typing or reading the barcode serial number is done to start the correct measurement.

The screen shows a continuous readout of the voltages, current and measured capacity.

The software is included with our Battery Analyzers and works even before you buy an Analyzer/Tester. So you may already review the software.
If you do not yet have the BAxxx, the software runs in demo-mode so even then, you can see how easy it is to use.

Download Analyzer Software

New profiles will be automatically added to the Battery Analyzer Software.

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The documentation

The user manual provides information on the installation and operation of the BA600/610/750/760/900/910.

Download the User Manual

All the technical specifications are available in the datasheet

Download the BA610/760/910 Datasheet


PDF report example

An example of a test report that you would give to a customer after testing his battery.

Download the PDF report example


Battery connection wiring

This document describes how to make your own cables for your batteries. This can be with or without the facility to measure the charger current.

Download the cable wiring document