How do I get support

We provide support through our web site (click here) and e-mail. Please first read the Questions and Answers and –only when you cannot find the topic, use email.

See the technical support section here

If you have a general question (not about a measurement):

  • Read the “Your Support | Before ordering and Technical support”.
  • Write an e-mail to support (see below)
  • Please write a short description of what you would like to know, including your Company/Name/Address/Phone.

If you have a question about a measurement also include the following information

  • Which battery type are you testing:
    – What is the capacity of the battery?
    – How many cells is the battery?
    – What is the cell type (Li-Ion/Lead Acced/Other?)
    – What is the battery nominal voltage?
    – What is the charger voltage?
    – Which cable are you using?
    – Which version of the software are you using?
    – What is the type number of the battery analyzer?
  • attach the .bctdata file (In the software, go to File | Explore | Reports).
  • Press from the program: Help | Support and copy the system information into the email.
  • Additionally:
    – Can you send me a photo of the battery + cable + BA analyzer?
    – Can you send me a photo (or print-screen) of the main screen of the Software with the analyzer connected and the battery connected to the analyzer?

e-mail: ————

When you contact us without sending this, we need to ask you anyway to send this.
So it saves both of us time and it is easier for you to send an email while not being on the phone. This way we can serve you better.