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Why choose the BA900?

The BA900 is a universal battery testing device. Read here to see what advantages it offers.

  1. Make sure a battery is charged to 100% before test. Now others will know the test result is reliable.
  2. Test with real-life load on the battery. A low-current test may not show problems.
  3. Connect 2 batteries for automatic testing (Charge — Test — Re-charge).

Our BA900 battery analyzer can test the vast majority of e-bike batteries with a peak power of up to 900W. That means that e-bikes up to 500W nominal power will be tested under street conditions. This is in the interest of the dealer: You do not only want to know the capacity for warranty, but especially the capacity under street conditions. When you trade-in a battery you will know the exact capacity and condition and by showing the customer a professional test report, you can motivate the trade-in price you offer to the customer.
Other battery testers on the market support a specific number of brands as they are designed by (or for) battery manufacturers. You do not want to buy a battery tester for BMZ batteries, another tester for Bosch only… While the other testers are made by battery manufacturers with the objective to test their batteries for warranty compliance.

Battery Condition Test is specialized in e-bike battery testing and BMS technology only. Before we designed our product, we listened carefully to manufacturers and dealers. This is why our battery analyzers cover the exact needs of this industry and our way of operation is super simple thanks to the fully automated 1-step process. See our video’s on our home page to see how easy it really is: Any one in your shop can do it:

All other testers require three steps: 1. Charge the battery 2. Disconnect and discharge 3. Recharge. Moreover, with the BA900 you can connect a second battery and charger, while another test is in progress. Nobody else offers this. It is important to have two test channels as the total test process easily takes 10 hours (mainly because of charge time). We learned that 2 channels are important during our orienting discussions with dealers.

All batteries with accessible + and – can be tested using our standard cable plus 2 terminal converter sets, that fit most batteries. For a growing number of access-protected batteries, we designed intelligent interface-cables, such as for Bosch. For some batteries that are less easy to connect or have BMS Support, we designed custom cables. For a complete summary, please check: