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Why E-Bike Manufacturers Consider Dealer Battery Analyzer Systems

Quality Assurance at delivery

Especially A-Brand E-Bike Manufacturers are concerned about their image with consumers. Research has shown that consumers who purchase an e-bike or scooter blame the manufacturer when the purchase does not live to their expectations.

Batteries that do not have the specified capacity are the most common issue. Customer confidence can be assured by an incoming test by the manufacturer/importer; please refer to our automated battery analyzer systems (the BA600/750/900 versions) that automatically test batteries & chargers at the same time, followed by a test report, that can be handed over to the customer at delivery, while maintaining data on file.

Recommendations to customers

When customers notice a decrease in driving range, they will typically suspect the battery as they are usually aware that this is the weakest link in the chain. Whether they are considering a warranty claim or wish to make an informed decision on whether or not to replace a battery after getting close to expected lifetime end, the dealer –and the manufacturer- will look much better if able to perform a test that shows the true remaining capacity as well as reading the BMS to identify eventual consumer related shortcomings (such as prolonged time of inactivity).

While testing could also be performed by shipping the battery to the manufacturer or importer this takes time and costs time and money, regardless whether the dealer or manufacturer takes title of the related cost or charges the customer. With the BA500 the dealer has a low cost battery analyzer that performs the whole test cycle (charging-discharging-reporting-charging) fully automatically. As this does not take him more than a few minutes the dealer can afford to offer this service free or cheap. This will convince the customer having made the right purchase decision.


Other reasons for reduced range

A survey under e-bike dealers showed that sometimes the charger, bad connections or even a mechanic reason (i.e. wheel alignment, brake fault) are the reason of reduced range. The consumer however does not recognize this and blames the manufacturer and/or the dealer of supplying a lower quality product.
A dealer based battery analyzer is the easiest and cheapest way to determine whether the battery or the charger is the problem. If not, the dealer can search for other reasons of the consumer suspected lower range. It is undisputed that a search for problems should start with the most common cause.


Manufacturer supplied or direct distribution

While BA600/750/900 Battery Analyzers are available –and marketed- via horizontal distribution channels, there is a lot of merit for the manufacturer (or where applicable the importer) to be involved. After all, the manufacturer has the largest interest to protect the quality image of their brand by providing superior after sales service to consumers. Secondly, as manufacturers enjoy discounts for en bloc purchases to their dealers, especially when they make purchase a mandatory issue to ensure quality service to consumers. Finally, we offer manufacturer the option -at no cost- to have their name on the test report, which will show both consumers of their brand and from competitors that they take customer service seriously. Likewise, the dealer will also appreciate as he wishes to keep the customer, strengthening his confidence in the brand he chose.