E-Bike Battery tester / Accu tester

E-Bikes Battery tester, determine remaining capacity


  • E-Bikes Battery tester, Tests 2 batteries and chargers* at the same time
  • Easy automatic testing of the battery capacity (Ah and Wh)
  • Determine accurate Remaining Capacity for service and trade-in
  • Printed (PDF) report with charge & discharge curves
  • Simulates both acceleration and constant driving
  • Connection kit for most batteries included

Testing a Battery

  • No more cycling for hours
  • Test from 7.2, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 Volt batteries, e-bikes, scooter and motor-bikes
  • Fully automatic charge – test/discharge – recharge cycle test*
  • Check a battery on Motor Peak power (street conditions)
  • Compatible battery list
* Depends on Battery type and cable features

Select a model

Models BA610 BA760 BA910
Test 2 batteries in 1 day
12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V batteries
Verify correct charge voltage
Test report on printer
Test report as PDF
Read BMS (selected brands)
FREE Profile updates
Upgrading possible!
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Own after payment
Max. continuous power [W] 300 400 500
Peak power [W] (acceleration) 600 750 900
Adviced for motor power [W] 50-250 50-350 50-500
excl. Shipment and Tax
€ 550 € 610 € 695
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Unpacking the Battery Analyzer
This shows what will be inside your shipment

Test a battery: Step by Step instructions
An example of a full test of a battery.

Introduction to Battery Testing
An introduction to Battery Condition testing for E-Bike and scooter applications.

Battery Condition Test Software demonstration
This is a walk-through of the software, to show the possibilities and also to instruct where certain features can be found.

New products


All batteries that have + and – voltage on their terminals can be tested.
Below is a list with validated popular types
Brand Battery Volt Wh / Ah
Batavus Monaco E-go 36V 317Wh
Batavus E-Motion E-300 36V 317Wh
Bikkel Metco 24V 365Wh
Bosch Classic 36V 400Wh
Bosch Active 36V 400-500Wh
Bosch Performance 36V 400-500Wh
Cortina Kruidbosch 24V 365Wh
ContiTech / Continental CONTI E-Bike systems 36V 405Wh / 512Wh
Derby Impulse 36V 396-612Wh
Kalkhof Impulse 36V 396-612Wh
Flyer Panasonic 26V  
Flyer Panasonic 36V  
Gazelle Innergy 36V 252-504Wh
Easyglider Panasonic 26V  
Giant Twist 26V   26V 234Wh
Giant Twist Go   36V 288Wh
E+ Yamaha 36V 409Wh
Koga E-Motion E-300 36V 317Wh
Kreidler Sinus+ (back seat) 36V 360Wh
Kreidler Sinus+ (mid) 36V 360Wh
Multicycle Multicycle All All
Protanium Portapower 36V 10.4Ah
Protanium Yoku 36V 9Ah
QWIC All blade types 36V 400-700Wh
Check for newest with QWIC directly
Stella Phylion 36V All
Sparta E-Motion C1 26V 260Wh
Sparta E-Motion C2 ~ C5 36V 317Wh ~ 500Wh
Sparta M7e, M8e, F8e 36V 317Wh
Sparta E-Motion C3 36V 396Wh
Sparta E-Motion E-300 36V 317Wh
TranzX BL03 24V  
TranzX BL03 36V  
TranzX BL07 36V  
TranzX BL15 36V  
Union Portapower 36V  
Yamaha PW-system 36V 497Wh


* Special cable is required and must be ordered separately.
** Works with the standard cable, but for BMS readout, a special cable is required.
*** Works with the standard cable, but a cable with a proper connector is available.