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As you may have already heard, the company Battery Condition Test B.V. has closed on 1 September 2019.
The brand Battery Condition Test, the website and the activities will be taken over by a new party. This party will take care of the availability of testers and cables.

In the transition period to the new party, it is possible to make use of support via the website (Link to Your Support). Through this website we will keep you informed of progress and news about the new party.

Cables can now be ordered at

Thank you for your understanding and the temporary inconvenience.

Try it out first?

Of course you want to try out how the whole system works first. No problem!
Go via the menu to “Downloads | Software & Manuals”. Download and Install the software and try everything out.
If you have any questions, watch the instructional videos and look at “Get Support”.

Would you like to learn more about electronics and battery technology? Look at “Get Support | Info / How-to questions” for technical questions.

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